The University of Moratuwa (UOM) is considered as one of the finest in Sri Lanka attracting best students and producing world class graduates who can compete with graduates with any other university in the world for both employment and post-graduates studies. With three technical faculties, Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Information Technology, it is the most sought after university for undergraduate enrolment in the respective disciplines and the most sought after by the industry for employment in Sri Lanka. Research and Studies carried out by the Academics at UoM has defined its image as a leading research institute in the region. UoM is renowned for its huge scientific outcome and high quality publications.

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering of the University of Moratuwa was established in 1985 and is a pioneer in Information and Communication Technology education in Sri Lanka. The Department offers a B.Sc. Engineering Honours Degree specialized in Computer Science and Engineering as its flagship academic course. The two study programs within the B.Sc. Engineering Honours Degree specialized in Computer Science and Engineering are as Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) Stream and Integrated Computer Engineering (ICE) Stream. While being a front runner in the local trials for Computer Science & Engineering excellence, the Dept of Computer Science & Engineering also keeps the Sri Lankan flag flying high in the international arena.

The CSE '13 Batch has joined the department of Computer Science & Engineering as the new intake for year 2014, beginning a new journey to become the next set of core thinkers of this technology driven era. Our batch comprises of 125 students following the courses of Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) and Integrated Computer Engineering (ICE). While our focus is to attain a sound theoretical knowledge, and attune our practical skills, our aspirations run deeper. CSE '13 is about innovation and creativity whilst accepting challenges & challenging the unimaginable. Pushing our limits to see and do things differently. And in-line with our faculty’s mission, we strive with hope of becoming dedicated scholars, devoted educators and innovative researchers.

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